Wednesday, July 21, 2010

As for the nerves...

1. Chemo isn't working. Again. "Minor progression of tumors." But it didn't spread beyond the liver. On to chemo #4. But this one "shouldn't be too bad." Guess that port they put into her chest was a good thing after all... (The last chemo caused chemical burning in her veins.)

2. I got a call from HR today... (yeah, so actually more nerves, but some excitement too!)

3. Haha, I just don't even know.

Thanks for the positive thoughts.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Things that have tied my stomach into knots:

1. Waiting for the results of my mom's tests.

2. Waiting to see if I score an interview for a job that will set me on a new path down a familiar road.

3. Sigh.

Anticipation is distraction.

Now I just have to get better at not anticipating.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Wait, you just saw me naked?

On my way home from SC, I had pass through an airport x-ray machine for the first time. I've known about these for a while, yet even though I fly two or three times a year, I haven't before had the pleasure.

It was sort of weird. Not the standing there with feet shoulder width apart, arms raised, bent at the elbows, hands behind my head. And obviously the x-ray itself doesn't feel like anything. But those signs that assure you that someone far, far away is viewing my somewhat nude picture. Oh, and they promise they don't keep them.

Now, I'm not flattering myself in the least and assuming someone would want to keep my picture(s?). In fact, it's probably more reasonable that there would be pointing and giggling. (Hahah, like those dreams where you are naked in class or giving a speech.)

It's not really a big deal. But I dunno, does this really make us "safer?"

I remember back in college while flying home with friends, the only girl of the group was pulled aside for special screening. By a TSA dude. Now, it wasn't a pat down or anything. He used the wand or whatever. But still. She was between me and another friend and was pulled aside. I won't pretend to know what makes one suspicious. Or if they are supposed to count to a certain number of people. But since these people protecting us are just that--people--I have to wonder about it.

The trip was absolutely awesome, by the way. So I guess my nudie x-ray was a small price to pay.